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All About The Kitchen Vent Hoods

Type, strength, and ventilation must all be considered along with the type of ventilation needed. There are three kinds of kitchen vents hoods.

Ducted or Vented

In terms of the exhaust, there are a variety of options. This could be the most crucial decision that a homeowner has to make regarding the kitchen hood vent. There are three options to choose from. The hood should be ducting outdoors. This is the preferred method since it eliminates the elements created by the range. The most effective ducts are ones that are mounted to the wall because they are smaller. 

The higher the distance the ducting runs and the higher the force must be, therefore, it will need to be a much stronger unit. Installation is an important factor in inefficiency. It's not recommended to run ducts into the attic or basement. You may hop over to to buy the best kitchen vent hood.

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Non-vented or Duct-free

This kind of vent recirculates. The air is pulled through a filter that traps any irritating substances and clean air flows back to the kitchen. It's essential to ensure that the filters are clean and changed regularly to ensure the most effective performance from this kind of kitchen vent for your hood. There's no ducting required making it a preferred option for a lot of.


A convertible copper kitchen hood vent allows the homeowner to choose between non-ducted and ducted ventilation. They are most effective when ducted to the outside.