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When Should You Use Transcription Services?

Transcription is the process of converting recorded or live speech to a hand-written document or electronic document. These services are used primarily to record things for future reference or to assist people with hearing impairments.

Transcription services are most commonly used in medicine, law, and business. However, transcription services can also be used for any other purpose, such as to record a speech. You can opt for the services for transcribing via

Here are some examples of how transcription services can be used:

Medical Transcription: Health care professionals are responsible for maintaining a patient's medical record. Doctors and nurses don't have the time or ability to create detailed reports. Medical transcriptionists are here to help. 

They must type spoken reports from physicians and verify that the terminology of anatomy and physiology are correct. This is where numbers play an important role. Therefore, diligence is essential. 

Legal Transcription: Legal transcribing is also known as legal transcript. It involves the conversion of legal dictation in court cases into print. Although a certification is not required for medical transcription, knowledge of key legal terms are essential. It must be completed quickly and accurately. 

Other Types of Transcription: Interviews are another example of situations that may need transcription. Interviews may relate to celebrities, legal cases, research or businesses. You can identify key topics by transcribing interviews and use them later for quoting.

Business meetings, press events and presentations, as well as TV news clips, may require transcription. Media transcription is rapidly gaining popularity.