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Introduction Of Common Eye Disorders

Eye care must begin in childhood and it is never too early to start eye care for children. Indeed, emotional disturbances play an important role in destroying a child's vision. Therefore, parents must give their children a sense of security and pay more attention to children's feelings. 

Report from Dr James K. Maloney said that the reason why a child may experience so much fear and seizures in childhood is mainly because of direct contact with his mother, which gives him feelings for complete security. You can click here to get more information regarding common eye disorders.

Direct bias errors are often caused by seeing unknown objects. Because children are curious about everything, they can stare at objects for a long time without blinking, which is not good for their eyesight. The first year of school is dangerous for children's eyesight, because contact with new subjects, new ideas, new concepts and new words often leads to mistakes. 

The problem can also be caused by tension related to fear of the teacher or poor work, or who does not understand well or cannot clearly see the words on the board. 

All leads to muscle tension. In this way, parents can teach their children to relieve tension by looking at familiar objects, or asking children to blink naturally and shift focus from far to near. This eye training is very effective in relieving eye and brain strain and thus ensuring good vision.